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Welcome to London Flower Studio, where we take the time to get to know you and understand your dream vision for the most significant day of your life!

Our in-house design styles range from the subtle, romantic and enchanted intimate settings to the opulent and awe-inspiring statement weddings but ‘our ultimate work happens when our couples place their trust in our guidance and feel completely satisfied that we have understood the full picture in their heads and then the magic happens - the reality is far better than they could’ve ever imagined!’ 

London Flower Studio’s reputation for remarkably original and personalised design styles really emerge from our clients’ personalities and vision.


‘My approach to wedding flowers is simple, it must always be a reflection of who you are and the feeling you want to express. So, before we even begin the design process, I take all the time I need in getting to know you better. It is a very personalised and enjoyable collaboration between us and our clients every time.'


Yasmin Shawkat, Founder & Director, London Flower Studio.

London Flower Studio is a bespoke luxury floral design studio specialising in wedding and event flowers from our central London flower boutique where all the creativity and magic happens. Our wedding florists bring you over 20 years of design experience with a reputation for producing some of the most artful, exquisite and memorable weddings. Our team of wedding florists are cherrypicked for their knowledge, experience, their passion for flowers and most of all their charming and warm personalities. Simply put, we to tell your stories with our flowers!

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